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Cricket in India is nothing less than a religion and we Indians are no less than any cricket pundit. We just can’t get over with our obsession for making a prediction on every matchday. Be it about predicting the winner for today’s match or about our favourite player’s score, we believe our insights know everything. The moment our predictions, or even one of the hundreds of predictions we make, turns out to be true, the ecstacy we experience is simply beyond explanation. We jump, we rejoice, and we start believing our luck to be on our side. Our day becomes a memorable one just because of that one correct prediction we were able to make. A series of correct predictions make you believe you can get into the world of betting and make some quick money with it. The moment you enter, you realise the betting world is not that easy to settle in and some guidance is a must to make your cricket expertise a source of income.
We, at cricketpredictionindia.in, are here to provide you just that perfect  guidance required to shape your bets the perfect way. Our team of experts draw out extensive analysis of every match that includes recent forms of both sides, their head-to-head record, each player’s individual form, and 17 more factors that are enough to answer who will win the match today. With cricketpredictionindia.in, you can surely find a shortcut to the highs of betting world that every cricket fan dreams of. We bring to you the match prediction of every single game, be it the steady test matches or the fast-paced T20 games. The curiosity to know expert’s match prediction for today’s cricket match, rookie bettors often end up on misleading sites that make predictions just like you do, based on their blind instincts. We bring to you highly analysed match predictions that are least likely to go wrong. Apart from providing you cricket betting tips for free, we bring to you everything related to it, news, injury updates, and all other necessary stuff.

We are a bunch of cricket experts who analyse every single bit that is needed to be researched to churn out 100% correct match predictions. Simply put, we are a group of cricket lovers who work hard to help you place the right bet. We answer your most common question, “Who Will Win Today’s Match?”, after undertaking an in-depth research for today’s cricket match. We are people who think that betting can help cricket fans stay connected to the beautiful game and earn some hefty returns for their love for cricket. Our team of experts includes cricket lovers who understand the game in a much better way and are good enough to let their understanding take shape of successful match predictions. We handpick every single editor after testing him/her on every ground. We test their way of analysis and their prediction making skills ourselves for at least a month before letting them make predictions for the visitors of our website. They are bound to maintain a 100% prediction record for at least 15 matches before getting drafted into our team of editors.
The editors, after getting selected, are made to work solely on researching today’s cricket match to churn out the best possible match prediction. Our editors are handsomely rewarded to ensure there is no downfall in their level of dedication. The top officials are people who ensure only correct predictions reach the website users.  We, on the whole, are a team of highly dedicated cricket lovers and cricket experts who strive hard to help people get their predictions right and also help them understand the betting odds perfectly. We believe trust is only built by our deeds, and thus we focus more on making the right predictions to win the trust of every single person who visits our website.

Making accurate cricket predictions is no joke. It requires a high level of understanding of the game before anything else. After that comes the research segment, where all the understanding of the game has to be used. After completing all the research, it is time for drawing conclusions of their extensive research. Finally, all the conclusions are supposed to be perfectly connected with each other to draw out the final prediction. We, at cricketpredictionindia.in, do all of that, with absolute precision in each step. We follow an exhaustively tested algorithm that considers every details about today cricket match and draws out near 100% accurate predictions.
We research every single player’s form, abilities, records, and possible positions, and then compare it to understand who can turn out to be the match winner. We look up every popular bookmaker’s odds and predictions, and compare them to draw out the most likely outcome. Tweets, news, injury updates, team insights, team news, every single detail about today’s cricket match is thoroughly checked as part of our research and analysis. We analyse every bit of data available for today’s cricket match before making the today’s match prediction. We also continue to follow today’s cricket match until the toss to ensure last minute changes are swiftly dealt with on time. Our exhaustive research and analysis lets us provide all the detailed betting tips including top wicket taker and top score, along with the final match result. We put out numbers or odds that are easy to understand for even a novice instead of simply putting up a random ‘Team A to beat Team B’ statement.

On most of the legal betting websites, you’ll find fractional numbers for every match predictions. These are known as the betting odds which directly state the amount of money you’re likely to win for every correct prediction. Understanding odds is the easiest way of getting through all the hurdles one is likely to encounter in his journey of the betting world. They may look complex and confusing at first but a little guidance is enough to get going with them. Different websites present odds in different formats, which may further confuse the user.  Cricket being least popular in America, there are two major types of odds that need to be understood by every betting enthusiast before making the final match prediction. First, the Fractional odds; and second, the  Decimal odds. Both these formats are inter-convertible and ultimately represent the same thing, your chances of winning.
Each number that represents each team in today cricket match displays the websites bet on them. Simply put, you’ll get your bet multiplied into the number written in front of the team you bet on. Usually, betting experts are able to convert these odds into each format directly, but we highly recommend you to go for an odds calculator which is much more accurate. Once you are good to go with the odds, you’ll be easily understanding your payout for every successful bet.

The Indian law regarding Sports betting in India is pretty outdated and complex to understand. The Public Gambling Act of 1857 is the law that rules betting and gambling as a crime in India. However, the act does not consider Online betting which makes it pretty much legal for every Indian. Top betting websites including Bet365 and Dafabet operate from countries where they’re completely licenced. Indian judiciary has no jurisdiction on websites like these and thus, Online betting is completely safe and legal for every Indian. However, you can not simply visit the website and use your banking details to place your bet and get away with it.
There is a procedure that is supposed to be followed to ensure betting remains within the laws. Firstly, online betting, as already mentioned, are completely safe and openly welcome bets from Indians. However, they do not accept any Indian Credit or Debit Cards as that is considered as money laundering for gambling in India. Betting enthusiasts can however buy currencies on eWallets like Bitcoins and Neteller and use this currency to place their bet on today’s cricket match of their choice. Today match prediction has become more of a sport in India as Indian Online betting market is predicted to be worth Rs. 300,000 crore per year. Many portals state that around 40% of India’s online population has visited gambling sited at least once. All these numbers are just to put some weight on the final statement. Yes, betting is still not 100% safe, but with proper precautions, is 100% legal.

The amount of time we spend on every match prediction can certainly make people think that it is chargeable. However, we provide cricket betting tips free of cost. Unlike other websites that constantly keep hurling pop ups at you, asking you to sign up and pay them some monthly/weekly/annual subscription charges, cricketpredictionindia.in comes free of all such charges and deductions. Due to the massive amount of money involved, online betting has become much more threatening as hackers look to pounce upon every single transaction that takes place on every betting website. Transaction of money leaves many loopholes in the website and makes it much more vulnerable to hacks and thefts. To avoid all that and keep our trust with our visitors healthy, we completely removed all charges and decided to keep all our services free of cost. No hidden charges, no monthly/weekly/annual subscriptions needed. cricketpredictionindia.in provides you free betting tips for today cricket match.

There are a huge number of cricket betting prediction websites operational on the Internet. Though a lot of them are good, but being good is way too common on the Internet. Being the best is something that everyone strives hard to be but mostly end up with a failure. Our website doesn’t compare itself with any other website but simply possesses enough reasons for you to judge it as the best of the lot. Our team of professional editors makes sure every single prediction that is given out on our website is highly researched and analysed beforehand. We collect every stat about every team and its players, from catches to wickets, from runs to run outs, from boundaries to extras, from bowlers to batsmen, from wins to defeats, every single stat about every team in today’s cricket match is presented to you to cross check our prediction before taking the final call. We highly focus on proper statistical research and analysis before making our final prediction. Not many websites undertake such finely detailed research before reaching out to their visitors with their final predictions. We, at cricketpredictionindia.in, consider giving out every fact and figure we come across during our research to visitor.

We love cricket and also love everyone else who loves cricket. If cricket can help a few of its fans become rich, we’ll be more than happy to make that happen. We too come across the same question, “Who Will Win Today’s Match?”, but instead of pondering over it, we research our level best and come up with an answer for everyone who encounters that question. Unlike other websites, we don’t charge you for the analytic predictions we provide for every match. We do it simply for the love of the game. We also know that perfection is a never ending journey and thus keep each prediction open for criticism from every visitor. Your criticism will help us correct ourselves and close in our goal of perfection. On everything that you can bet on, we’ll help you get your predictions right. From International matches to List A games, we’ll be up with a complete betting guide to help you make the most of your bet. All our predictions are completely stat based which completely chalks out the involvement of human emotions that mostly end up giving out a biased prediction. Our dedication, research, open culture and stat-based analysis are reasons good enough to make us the best cricket betting prediction website for all betting enthusiasts.